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From the land of Professional Nannies, British owned, Passionate about Childcare, empowering parents Globally! 

Are you in need of a Nanny and live in the UK? Or are you moving to the US?

Having worked with families both in the US (6 Years) and the UK, we have a thorough market knowledge of childcare options both in the UK and US unlike any other organization offering similar services. Moving to the US with children can be a daunting experience unless you know all about childcare, how to secure a pre-school which can be harder than securing a place at Harvard in Manhattan. We also work with trusted professionals who have been carefully vetted offering services from newborn care, school placement consultants, maternity and baby concierge, therapists specializing in working with expectant and new parents, and more.

Services offered include, but not limited to :
  • Telephone Consultation on how to find a Nanny in the UK/US. We will advice you on what kind of caregiver you can find for your budget and how to conduct your own search, advice you on how to verify an applicant's identity, how to conduct background checks and fool proof interview questions.
  • Nanny search on your behalf in the UK/US. We will meet with you in person and analyze your requirements and conduct a search for the perfect Nanny for you and your child. We offer 24/7 support to you during the process and after your Nanny has started work to ensure a smooth transition and beyond.
  • Holiday/Travelling Nanny  - If you are visiting the UK/US and need a Nanny to travel with or for the duration of your visit, we can find you a competent Nanny.

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