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Just had a Baby? Had a loss? Feeling Down?


Just had a baby? Do not feel under control? Do not feel like a Mom? Wish the baby would stop crying all night long? Maybe your spouse or partner seems unapproachable? Feel fat and ugly? Or just exhausted?

Maybe you no longer feel sexual? Maybe you feel your husband does not have any desire for you any more? Maybe you are worried about your own lack of desire after giving birth?

You expected to feel the euphoria everyone told you about when you delivered your baby. Days, weeks and months have gone by and you hardly leave the apartment?

Maybe you had a loss? Miscarriage? Still birth? Acknowledging the loss and coming into terms with your loss is something no one should go through, but it happens.  You are a parent even if you have not got a birth/death certificate and a body to bury.

Being a new Mom or Dad can be very frightening and isolating. Our therapist, Alisa will be able to make a visit to your home for a 'good chat' - confidentially. Alisa is a qualified post partum doula, qualified LCSW, Mom to a son and daughter aged 18 and 21 and specialises in the issues realted to fertility, pregnancy and post-partum.


Alisa Hafkin, LCSW

Alisa works with individuals, who are experiencing  difficulty with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, work and interpersonal conflicts, all within the context of the conception, pregnancy and the post-partum period. She says  how you feel about your self, your life, your relationships and your pursuits can drastically change when trying to conceive, during pregnancy and after delivery.

Alisa's expertise with individuals & couples during their childbearing years developed from over seven years experience as a doula (teacher, guide, caregiver for pre & post partum families). Forming a trusting bond during this vulnerable time period enables Alisa to help people understand and cope with the feelings such as powerlessness while undergoing fertility treatments, anxiety about the future during pregnancy, helplessness when dealing with a newborn and confusion about relationships and roles.

Alisa says many individuals and couples struggle with powerful emotions that emerge during this time in their lives. She says if you feel sad, over whlemed, confused, angry, stuck or afraid,  you may need help dealing with this significant change in your life. Together, with Alisa, you CAN uncover your personal resources that will provide you with feelings of competence and insight as you progress through this period in your life.

To book an appointment to have a 'chat' with the lovely Alisa, please e-mail [email protected]. Please give a contact number and a convenient time to return the call.


Alisa earned her Master of Social Work degree from Fordham University. She combines her phychotherapy practice with seven years experience as a doula to create a unique expertise with individuals and couples preparing and/or deaing with pre and post pregnancy issues. Her distinctive practice includes home based therapy sessions when office visists are not feasible. In addition, Alisa works in the creative arena, providing therapy for muscians through The Jazz Foundation of America. Alisa maintains a private practice in Manhattan's Upper West Side.


For rates for regular sessions, and for sessions outside New York City, please enquire.








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