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Magdala is a Licensed Registered Nurse with a B.S in Nursing from SUNY Downstate Medical Center with 19 years experience working in the nursing field. For the past 10 years she has been working in Labor & Delivery and in OB/GYN Outpatient Care at the number 1 ranking hospital in NYC. 


As Maternal Newborn Nurse Consultant, Magdala will provide new parents with professional in home guidance with intrapartum, postpartum, and newborn issues that may arise. For example, what to expect during labor and delivery, feeding (breast or formula), washing your baby, performing umbilical and/or circumcision care, newborn safety, etc.

For the mother, Nurse Magdala will reinforce your discarge instructions pertaining to proper diet, medication, pain management, special treatments and instructions on proper hygiene.

Her role is to provide expectant and new parents who want to be hands on when it comes to caring for their babies, but still need initial guidance and steering to build their confidence. 


As a child Magdala was determined to pursue her dream and started her nursing education in high school. Later,  completing her BS in Nursing with many years in the field of elderly patient care and with several years of med-surgery under her belt, Magdala was ready to embark on her journey to explore Obstetrics.  She started working on the labor and delivery unit at NYP Weill Cornell  in 2001 and absolutely loved her role as caregiver, coach, and educator.  She assisted her patients through the labor and delivery process and during the initial phase of postpartum; helping parents bond with their newborn and instructed them on how to properly breastfeed.  After 10 years of Labor and delivery, Magdala shifted gears recently and migrated to the outpatient facility where she is able to educate patients throughout their perinatal and postpartum phase, thereby formulating long term bonds with her patients through their pregnancy.

Magdala is a wife and a mother of two. And having endured two Caesarean sections, she breastfed her first born for 14 months and then, two years later, her second born for 22 months, she has been able to relate with and assist a number of patients whom expressed their difficulties with the postpartum process. Magdala is more than eager to share her knowledge and experience of nursing and the postpartum process with new mothers and their newborns to help with their uneasiness, fear, and/or doubts.



US Trained, qualified registered Nurses are available for post natal care.

A Maternity Nurse is an invaluable source of help for a new Parent whose baby has just come home from hospital.

Your nurse can :

-set up and organize nursery;

-ensure that  the environment is safe and hygiene for the baby;

-help parent adjust very quickly  to life with a newborn and ease the family  into a comfortable routine;

-provide all basic newborn care, including feeding, diapering, bathing etc;

-offer professional breast feeding support and assistance;

-keep a detailed feeding and sleeping log that will assist in the establishment of a healthy schedule for baby;

-provide appropriate developmental activities and floor time for the baby;

-take baby for walks and accompany family on outings/travel;

Our Maternity Nurses are trained, experienced, qualified nurses in the United States who specialize in the care of new born babies. They will help the parent(s) from the time the baby comes home until both the parent(s) and baby are settled into a routine at home. This normally takes between 4-8  weeks. However, we offer customized periods depending on your circumstances.

The primary responsibility  of a Maternity Nurse in a private home is to do everything related to your baby and to establish a routine and structure for your baby. Duties include keeping the nursery clean and organized, washing thr baby's laundry, and providing comprehensive newborn care. Your Maternity Nurse will help and support you if you wish to breast feed. If bottle feeding, she will wash, clean and sterilize the bottles and prepare the formula.

A Maternity Nurse is on call for 24 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week. However, it is expected to give her 4 hours off each day to get some rest, take a walk etc. She will still be on call in case you need her assistance. Her time off for the week consists of one full day and one full night  the household  or take the time off the household.

We have a Lactation Consultant, Dr Jane Weiser, Janet, our Pardiatric Maternity Nurse and Magdala, our Newborn Maternal Nurse Consultant to be there for you when you bring YOUR baby home for Consultations on the telephone and in person.


Janet, Our Paediatric Maternity Nurse, RN, BA Psychology and MPA

Janet is a  a  New York University Graduate (M.P.A. in Public Health Care Policy, Planning and Administration,  Graduate of Marymount Manhattan College (B.A. Psychology) and received her RN from Bellevue Hospital School of Nursing.

Janet was the Head Nurse and  Clinical Coordinator, Child & Youth Health Care Project at Bellevue Hospital for 18 years amongst her lifelong career working with children.

Janet has one daughter who just Graduated from College and she lives with her husband in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Janet is very compassionate and emphathethic to new parents as like a lot of couples, she herself have gone through fertility and miscarriages in her journey into becoming a Mom. Energetic, flexible and very professional - Janet is available to care for your newborns!!

Profile of Our Maternity Nurses

Jackeline is a New York City graduate with a B.A in Spanish (08) and a B.S in Nursing ('10). She has gained Maternity and Paediatric Nursing experience in New York City hospitals such as Mount Sinai Medical Center (Manhattan), the Childrens Hospital at Montifiore (CHAM) and Metropolitan Hospital as well as internationally with a focus on global child health in places such as Honduras and Argentina. Jackeline loves working with children and their families. She has taught mothers breast feeding, formula feeding, techniques for waking and quieting, comfort measures, and safety considerations. Jackeline ensures a family's childbirth experience incorporates their personal beliefs and meets their expectations as much as possible. Her warm, nurturing approach and enthusiasm for her work makes her an exceptional maternity nurse whom is often asked to return to families following the births of their next babies.

Rachel is a New York City graduate with a B.S. in Psychology (08) and a B.S. in Nursing ('10). Rachel is a bubbly, dynamic person and nursing professional who is creative and capable, with impeccable interpersonal skills and powerful work ethic. Many years of working with mothers during the prental period and the time following the birth has enabled Rachel to provide the best and necessary aid to families. Her nurturing nature along with the skills she acquired during her nursing education makes her an ideal candidate to assist families with learning the best care for their infant. Rachel has experience working with premature babies and has worked within Neonatal Intensive Care Units and has tutoring experience for students in grades 9-12!

 If you are interested in hiring the services of a Maternity Nurse, we suggest you contact us 2-3 months prior to your due date. 

Maternity Nurses are self employed and are responsible for paying their own taxes.

Maternity Nurse Consulting

Our Maternity Nurses are available for consultations by telephone, online, or in person to cover a specific topic. For example, to trouble shoot breast feeding problems/sleeping/feeding etc.

Contact us for pricing and more information.

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Maternity Nursing - customised to suit your needs

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