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04:46 AM on April 22, 2011 

Testimonial received from a New York City Mom of twins whom sourced their full time Nanny from Mom to Moms Advisor Llc in 2010.

"Our experience with Chini was eye-opening. She showed us a world of nanny possibilities that we could have never found on our own (without devoting our lives to the search!) She really put her heart into the search and truly stuck to her litmus test of only considering people that she'd leave her own kids with. Chini left no stone unturned in the NY area! We were not rushed to find a new nanny and Chini worked for months looking for the perfect match for us. She also helped us sort out what we really wanted in a nanny. After 4 years with our previous nanny who had started when our boys were infants, we'd let things "slide" and knew we weren't getting what we should out of full-time help. The nanny she helped us find is educated and extremely engaging with the kids. This was really important to us now that our kids are reaching school-age and have more sophisticated needs. She also helped us set the tone for what we expected and needed with our new nanny. She followed up for months after she started, both with us and independently with our nanny. She really cared that the relationship worked for both of us - even months after she'd found us our perfect match. I would definitely recommend her to anyone - especially if you are looking for high-quality childcare and a perfect match of skills and needs. (Who isn't!?!) We've been really pleased with the outcome and are reminded everyday when other parents (and nannies) rave about our nanny!"


04:56 AM on January 10, 2012 

Testimonial received from NYC Family who hired Super Nanny and Behavirol Expert Nadine:)

"Thanks to Nadine our family home has changed from one of chaos to one of harmony. She has giving my husband and I the skills, tools and knowledge to deal with a whining 3-year old and an angry 7-year old. The most productive tools Nadine taught us were creating a schedule for the children using visuals and to prevent many situations before they occur. However, the most amazing gift Nadine gave my husband and I was the ability to communicate with each other and agree on parenting styles instead of fighting and barely coping with managing our children."

06:35 AM on October 05, 2011 
Testimonial received from New York City Mom to a 2 and 4 year old who sourced their Permanent Part-Time Nanny from Mom to Moms Advisor Llc in 2011

"Dear Chini,
Words cannot express my gratitude for the services you provided my family and I. I admire what you do, you give Moms around the world a piece of mind in a very stressful situation. Don't get discouraged, don't give up, you are doing an amazing job! " 
Working Mom to 2, NYC

April-Colorado - Mom from Colorado talks about finding a Nanny for her Special Needs baby 

06:45 PM on October 03, 2010 

"Chini is very passionate about what she does! She treats you like a member of her own family and uses those standards to find the best fit for you. I live in Colorado and Chini worked tirelessly to find a nanny that would be a great fit for our family and for our son. We felt we needed someone extra special because our son has some special needs. Chini helped us through the overwhelming process and we have finally found an amazing nanny!"

03:06 PM on July 01, 2010 

Testimonial from a Professional Nanny - working in Westchester who found a GREAT Family to partner with through Mom to Moms in 2009 and still with the same family in 2012!

 "I have been known Chinthani a little over year. Chini is so compassion about what she does with her work. Chini always show me a sence of caring and kindness to her client.I am totally in support of her next greatest vision. May 23, 2010Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative Chung Kim hired chinthani in 2009." Received on LINKEDIN

kimmyg25 10:15 PM on March 14, 2010 Testimonial regarding how Mom to Moms respond to EMERGENCY CHILDCARE requirements and met the needs of working parents of twins in New York City within hours.

Chini was a lifesaver for us.  We found ourselves in a terrible situation with our previous nanny and didn't know who to turn to after we had to abruptly let her go. We had no one to help us with our childcare (both of our families are out of state).  I remember Chini from my twins club and called her.  My husband and I were very upset with our situation and Chini immediately came up to our home within a couple of hours of us calling her.  She really put us at ease and reassured us that she would find someone who was perfect for us.  She really took the time to find out exactly who we were looking for and had candidates lined up for interviews that very evening as well as the next day.  She found the absolute perfect nanny for us.  We adore our nanny!  She is a part of our family and loves our children as if they were her own.  I've had several parents and neighbors tell me how much our nanny cares and loves our children (unsolicited).  As working parents this means so much to us.  We could not be happier!

Stay at Home Mom of Twins in New York hired her Nanny in 2008 who is still with her in 2013:)

Linda 10:10 AM on August 27, 2008 

The caregivers she has found me have been wonderful, first a part-time nanny when my twins were 10 months old and then my full-time one when I became pregnant again. Chini finds a candidate that she would have for her own children because she understands how important a care giver's role is for you and she really cares. She also guided me through the process and how to handle benefits going forward. My nanny is very interactive with the kids, dancing, playing, singing and she cooks, cleans, does laundry, ironing. On top of this, she is legal. She came to the interview with copies of her passport, social security card, valid drivers license, medical physical exam with vaccinations, a police report background check, certificate of completion of a nurse assistant program and valid CPR and first aid cards from the American Red Cross!! Unbelievable!! The kids ask for her when she is gone and kiss/hug her goodbye. It warms my heart.

Working Mom of newborn Twins in Queens talks about trying to find a Nanny on her own:)

Elena 08:48 PM on September 15, 2008 

I was looking for a nanny to take care of my infant twins, and had interviewed many people without much success. Chini sent one nanny my way, and she was (and is!) perfect. My nanny couldn't be better -- she is terrific with my kids, hard-working, and responsible. I feel so lucky to have (finally!) found someone that I trust with my babies. Thank you, Chini!

Liz 07:59 PM on June 11, 2010

Repeat Testimonial received from Mom of twins in the Upper East Side of Manhattan  

It's been a year since I commented here about my wonderful nanny found by Chini and I'm happy to say that our nanny is still working for our family and absolutely adores our beautiful 18 month old twins.  So many people have come to me and asked me how I found such an amazing caregiver and also have told me how attentive and loving she is with my children.  I would never have found her without Chini.  Also, Chini has found me extremely skilled and lovely substitutes whenever my nanny is away or if I need someone on weekends or evenings.  I can call her anytime and she is there for me.  If there is an agency out there which provides this kind of service, I'd love to hear about it!  With Chini, you will have a valuable resource which won't disappear after you hire your nanny.  She will be there for you 100% forever... or at least until your babies go to college" 

Working Mom of Twins in New York City talks about needing a Nanny ASAP!

Elif 05:20 PM on February 19, 2009 

My Nanny of 18 months suddenly left me after I went back to work. I contacted Chini on a Saturday afternoon and asked her whether she can find me a Nanny who can start on Monday. Through, I met two Nannies on Saturday evening and chose one to be our new Nanny. My twin girls bonded with my new Nanny straight away. She is young, energetic, punctual and totally interactive with my girls. Chini helped me with details of the salary and benefits for the Nanny and now I have a peace in my mind when I leave in the morning to go to work. Chini is always is in contact both with myself and my Nanny to ensure everything is going well. The service offered by is invaluable and I highly recommend Chini.

Two Dad Family with twins talk about their Nanny search:)

Charles 05:29 PM on February 03, 2009 

My partner and I have 7 month old twins. We are first time parents. We realized early on that we would need help, a Nanny. I always thought that we would find a nanny through word of mouth, a reference from a friend, a colleague etc. As time went on this proved not to be the case, and then we found Chini and her firm The three of us met for coffee and we were blown away with Chini, she is highly motivated, energetic and both wise and professional in her approach to her business. We are now on our 2nd Nanny , (no fault of Chinis) and her help and attention to detail has been incredible. We always know that she is there for us and our childcare needs and that is invaluable. We highly recommend Chini.

Mom of twins in Brooklyn talks about the process of finding a Nanny:)

April 11:20 PM on September 22, 2008 

Chini is a very passionate and caring person. For every one person she sent me she had interviewed about 10. It's good that she has discriminating tastes, as she won't send anyone she wouldn't hire to care for her own twins. I rejected some very good candidates, not because they weren't great but I was looking for someone one could be a part of our family. I think that having someone who is willing to work with you to find that kind of fit and whose objective is to make you happy (as opposed to making money)is hard to find.:D

A Nanny hired in 2008, and srtill with the same Family in 2012:)

Gina Martinez 10:47 AM on September 15, 2008 

I was initially looking for a part time nanny job because I had completed a nursing assitant program but still needed to take my State boards. When I met Chini, she had me come to her own home and meet her own children. She treated me as a professional and even offered me refreshments! She was clear about her expectations and told me that she would work hard to find me a nice family. The family she wanted me to interview with were looking for a full-time person but she encouraged me to interview because she thought it was a good match. When I met the family I had an instant connection. The parents were warm and loving with their children and the children were so lovely and sweet. I decided to commit to this family and I am very happy I did! I am treated with love an affection from the children and respect and caring from the parents. I am truly grateful for having met Chini and my family!!

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