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Baby Nurses and Nannies - Tuesday, June 26 th at 6.30 pm


Expecting a baby or just had one? Thinking about hiring a Baby Nurse or a Nanny? Come and find out eveyrthing YOU need to know about hiring a trusted caregiver!

UK Mom of twins,  Chinthani Perera-Lunemann is the founder of Manhattan based Mom to Moms Advisor LLC which sources trusted childcare professionals specializing in multiple births and places them inside homes of families across multiple continents (North America, the Middle East, Europe and Australia). Chini has revolutionized the process on the East Coast offering innovative, first of its kind services geared towards empowering expectant and new parents in the US.

Come and find out :


  • Role of a Baby Nurse, costs and what you can expect from one versus qualified Newborn Maternal Nurses for when you bring your baby home!
  • Daycare versus hiring a Nanny
  • How to find a Nanny - where to look and how to screen effectively
  • Nanny Salaries - find out how to negotiate a amazing contract with your Nanny without breaking your bank balance:)
  • Dealing with emergencies for when your Baby Nurse or Nanny is sick

Dinner will be included at the Backyard at 160 


  • Twisted Caesar salad


  • Market Minestrone


  • Eggplant parmigiana


  • Mezzi Rigatoni with three meat ragu'


Creme Brule or italian gelato

(Chocolate,Vanilla or Toasted Hazelnut)



When is your expected due date or how old is your child(ren)?

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