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Can I trust a male Nanny with my child?

Posted on March 31, 2014 at 6:40 AM

A 'Manny' is a male Nanny :) We have never specified the sex of applicants when we search for a trustworthy caregiver. However, less than 10% of applicants for childcare positions are male. Recently, we did a search for a part-time caregiver for a 5 year old boy. In our initial consultaion with the parents, we were informed they were open to considering a male or female Nanny. What was most important to them was that they  wanted to be able to have 100% confidence in their chosen choice. Our search led to us meeting several male applicants out of which we forwarded on 1 male applicant to be considered who had an immediate connection with the parents and their son and therefore got hired :) 

There are males working in every other field related to childcare from teaching, tutoring, enrichment clases to social services and nursing, however, in other fields, they work supervised and never alone with a child. So, if an Male applicants prove to have excellent checkable references, has a clean criminal background and has already shown they have worked safely previously in a private setting, then it is just a question of whether the personality will fit in with the dynamics of a particular household,

Male Nannies could be great with energetic children, and can provide a male role model for single Mothers and lesbian parents. For boys with very busy fathers, male Nannies could also give the child more male attention and do boys stuff like playing football and go cycling which the father cannot always find the time to do due to work commitments. 

If your child is disabled, then a male Nanny would be great as with a growing child who needs lifting or has mobility problems, a man will definitely have more strength to manoevure around and to complete tasks more at ease :)

For high profile families, a male Nanny can also double up as a Bodyguard :)

Some mothers feel threatened their place could be taken over by a female Nanny, so a male Nanny could then be your best option as he will never be Mom/Mum:)

So, male applicants for childcare can be trusted as much any female applicant, but as parents, we must take every step to be as thorough in investigation the full background covering the lifespan of the applicant as we would do with a female Nanny :) To find your next Nanny or Manny whether it is in the UK or in the US, please contact us as we are your trusted source for all your childcare needs :) Unlike other organizations offering similar services, we focus on building long term personal relatiionships with our families and applicants :) 

Would you hire a Male Nanny? Would love to hear from you :)

With a Manny we have head hunted and placed for a position for which we screened 75 applicants out of 150 responses to our ads :)

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