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True story of a emergency and an Angel that came to the rescue

Posted on August 1, 2013 at 3:50 AM

Five  years ago, on a Saturday afternoon, I received a call from a NYC Mom of infant twins in tears. She has been on maternity leave for 18 months working with her Nanny looking after her twin girls who were born prematurely, only to have her suddenly leave the day she went back to work. The Mom said she cannot afford to take more time off and need a Nanny to start on Monday. I thought of two applicants for her right away - one young and energetic, but did not have any in home childcare experience, and another who was middle aged, had grown kids. Both were legal, fluent in English and both multi-lingual. Both applicants met the family on Sunday and did half a day trial each while I chased their references, followed by the Mom who wanted to double check the references. The family liked both applicants for different things, and although they liked the younger applicant, Marcia who was in her early 20s, they were worried about hring a young girl to look after their infant twins when they were used to working with middle aged Nannies to date. Pressure was on for them to make a decision and they decided to give Marcia a chance pending her beibng submitted for finger printing by the NYPD on Monday morning to start on Monday afternoon. I met up with Marcia on Monday morning and she submitted for finger printing after which she walked straight into her first day at work. A neighbor and a friend has been there when Marcia walked in and said the tiwn girls ran to her and all felt this was a good match. :)



This was the testimonial received a few months after Marcia started from her employer :


Working Mom of Twins in New York City talks about needing a Nanny ASAP!

Elif 05:20 PM on February 19, 2009

My Nanny of 18 months suddenly left me after I went back to work. I contacted Chini on a Saturday afternoon and asked her whether she can find me a Nanny who can start on Monday. Through, I met two Nannies on Saturday evening and chose one to be our new Nanny. My twin girls bonded with my new Nanny straight away. She is young, energetic, punctual and totally interactive with my girls. Chini helped me with details of the salary and benefits for the Nanny and now I have a peace in my mind when I leave in the morning to go to work. Chini is always is in contact both with myself and my Nanny to ensure everything is going well. The service offered by is invaluable and I highly recommend Chini.:)

A few weeks ago, I heard Elif and her family are relocating to Boston, and I was forwarded this recommendation letter by her employer of 5 years! :)



"Marcia Bonilla has been with our family for almost 5 years. She joined our family in 2008 when our twins where 18 months old. Unfortunately we must now part ways because my family and I are relocating to Boston. During the course of her employment, Marcia’s responsibilities included school pick-up and drop-off, play date and activity scheduling, accompanying them on doctor’s visit if either my husband or I were unable to make it, and many more. During the last 5 years Marcia has consistently shown a great work ethic.



Marcia is great with children; loving, caring, nurturing and does a great job of keeping them engaged. She also knows how to establish boundaries and makes sure that everyone follows the rules. Marcia always has a positive and upbeat disposition when she’s at work.




During her time as our nanny Marcia consistently came up with new ideas and solutions with regards to encouraging the right behaviour and rewarding the twins. In doing so she was able to transition seamlessly as they moved from toddlers to preschoolers to kindergarteners. For example, when the twins were 2.5 she came up with an award chart to promote nice behavior. She had consistently handled any meltdowns with positive attitude.




Marcia is reliable with schedules, she has not missed one work day in the last 5 years. She was always on time, if not early.




One of the most important things to us is the safety of our children in the city and during the past 5 years having Marcia as our nanny has brought us peace of mind with regards to our children getting to and from various places. Marcia was able to navigate the busy streets while steering a double stroller. As the twins got older she used public transportation more frequently as they commuted back and forth between UWS and Chelsea on a daily basis. In doing so Marcia has demonstrated great judgment and shown that she would not compromise the safety of my children. As an example she had waited sometimes more than 10 minutes just to avoid extremely crowded trains with 2 kids.




She has been the liaison between us and the teachers, coaches and the therapists in the last 5 years. As working parents, we relied heavily on Marcia in this area and she did a fantastic job.




Marcia believes in healthy nutrition, she would avoid sweets and the like. She would not use sweets as a reward. Before she had joined our family, she worked as a teachers’ aid in a special needs school and she had seen the effects of healthy food and avoiding excessive sugar on children. Part of Marcia’s responsibility as our nanny was preparing meals for the kids. Given her prior experience and philosophy on food, we knew that we could count on our kids having nutritious meals while in her care.




Last but not the least, she is responsible for arranging play dates and organizing activities. She is not the type of nanny that would turn the TV on or let the kids play with the ipads, and that’s not because we told her not to, it is because she does not think it is right for the kids. With her warm, fun and calm personality nannies and moms always seek Marcia for play dates.




Marcia has been a great addition to our family and we are very lucky to work with her. We are very saddened to part ways with her. She has become part of our family over the past five years and we hope strongly that she will have the opportunity to share her caregiving strengths with an appreciative family.




We would be more than happy to speak with/meet in person to discuss Marcia in more detail, as it is difficult to fully capture everything in writing"

Marcia is looking again for another loving, down to earth family to work for full time as their Nanny. Marcia would be an asset to any family with working parents. Marcia is looking to make a long term commitment. If you would like to consider hiring Marcia or another Mary Poppins from Mom to Moms, please e-mail us for more information : [email protected] :)






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