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To Divorce or not to? A personal experience :)

Posted on February 10, 2015 at 7:10 AM

Four years ago, I went through the most scary period of my life, in a foreign country. It was a period  of time which I was not ever prepared for having married for love and with our family being complete with our adorable twin boys. All of a sudden, I saw my husband of now 20 years as a complete stranger as he too did in me. The stresses of our careers, very different from each other coupled with bringing up and educating  two active boys in a small two bedroom apartment finally took the toll on us. 

My late father said marriage is hard work and you need to keep working at it, not to be taken granted and I thought I have kept doing to ensure we would never be where we were, as sure as did my husband. Without any family close to us, I was feeling helpless and scared about what could possibly happen next. There was complete utter confusion and I was induended with conflicting opions, the most response was you must consult a divorce attorney and be prepared :roll:

My brother is law is an attorney, whom I confided in as he is family and I knew he would give me honest advice. His advice to me was 'Do not see a Divorce Attorney as they will force you to get a divorce as this is how they make their money'. With that thought, I was even more petrified than I already was, alone in a foreign country, not knowing my legal rights as I was not a citizen in the country I was residing in at the time. So many questions were in my head. I am a non materialistic person by nature and although I was willing to forego everything life has blessed me with to have a comfortable life, I was not willing to consider the possibility of losing my children, not even for a day. I knew I had to find out my rights if I chose to file for a divorce although I was hoping that will be the last resort I would ever do. My closest friends started making enquiries to refer an Divorce Attorney who will be able to help me with the assurance I will not be forced to make any decisions I am not ready for.

One of my best friends recommended I have a consultation with a Divorce Attorney by the name of Rachel Ehrlich. It was after several cups of coffee and a few cigarettes, I had the courage to call Rachel's office to make an appointment to have a consultation with her. Her office was able to give me an appointment within 24 hours which was a great relieft apart from the fact my first phone call was answered which I am sure a lot of you know is very unusal in most attorneys offices :) The next 24 hours leading up to meeting Rachel felt like an eternity. I am surprised I did not vomit or faint on my cab ride to her office. I was greeted at rachel's office by her lovely PA who immediately put me at ease, but I was still very tense waiting for Rachel to appear. Rachel walked in with a smile on her face and as I shared what was going on in my marriage, she started telling me what my rights were and within 20 minutes into the consultation, she said, 'Chini, you are not ready for divorce':roll: WOW :) I was taken back by this response from a divorce attorney who thought would simply pull up the paperwork for me to sign to retain her to file for a divorce as allegedly, this is how she will make more income rather than through consultations which are very reasonably priced. I immediately trusted Rachel totally and knew she is looking out for my interests and I chose to have two more consultations with Rachel to find out more about my rights to be ready to face any eventuality in my marriage. 

With the knowledge Rachel gave me, myself and my husband had a starting point to start communicating and to work through our differences and to agree on a way forward to ensure the happiness of myself, my husband and our children whom we both love very much. Years on, I could not be any happier nor can my husband although we still have our ups and downs as most couples, but we no longer make false threats or make assumptions about each other which we did before Rachel was introduced to me. Since then, I have heard from a lof of women, just like me, who are scared and disillusioned about their marriages or is looking for an attorney who will work with them and not come with her own agenda who all think the world of Rachel as she is truly exceptional in the field of matrimonial law :) 

Rachel has over 20 years of experience in matrimonial and family law and is a recognized member of the bar. Representative of her success is the fact that she is referred business, not just by satisfied clients, but by other attorneys, court personnel and judges. Rachel believes that personal attention, responsiveness and a straightforward approach is essential to the attorney-client relationship. She is a skilled negotiator and zealous advocate and often times guest speaker. Rachel is a 1994 graduate of New York Law School, is admitted to practice law in the States of New York and New Jersey. In addition to successfully litigating and negotiating complex matters in both states, Rachel has successfully secured the return of internationally abducted children under The Hague Convention.

Rachel has two young children of her own and has two step sons, so she gets the full picture :) 

Most couples need some guidance at some point and I recommend all should have Rachel's contact details on hand any time they feel they neeed someone they can TRUST :) I refer all my contacts to Rachel and will continue to do so with pride. 

Rachel's Offices :                                                                                                 

New Jersey

636 Jersey Avenue

Jersey City, NJ



p. 201.489.2788

f. 201.876.2894

New York :

200 Park Avenue South

Suite 1205

New York, NY



p. 212.827.0555

f. 212.827.0999

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