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Choosing your Nanny - Great on paper v Personality:)

Posted on September 19, 2013 at 5:20 AM

The world has been watching the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's journey into parenthood and eagerly awaiting to find out what kind of Nanny they would hire for their first born, the 3rd in line to the throne, born in the land of the Nannies to a family whom have hired Nannies for generations. We waited eagerly to find out what kind of Nanny they would hire and I am sure most assumed they would get the most qualified, most skilled and most talented for Prince George;) Instead, they chose Prince William's ex Nanny who is 71 :)

Just like HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, your maternity leave is almost over and you have just started looking for a Nanny to take care of your baby(ies). This would be possibly the first time you would be leaving your baby with someone other than you, your partner or a family member - you are so full of anxiety and overwhelmved with having to make your choice. You are left with deciding between applicants with multiple degrees versus others who are very experienced, but does not possess a college degree. How do you choose? What is best for you and your child? 

In our experience of having placed Nannies of all different levels of educational backgrounds, what we have found is what is most important is to identify the applicants true motivations and commitment to working in child care in the long term. By conducting a thorough interview and an background investigation, you should be able to get a gist of the true motivations.

Due to the current economic crisis, graduates from all fields are turning into working as Nannies, but for how long? What if you hire a debt ridden Ivy league Graduate who then after working with your child for 2 years return to the corporate world? You would be left having to start the process all over again which will cost you a lot of time, and will no doubt be very stressful for a working parent.When it comes to choosing your Nanny, please do NOT use the same recruitment tactics as one would to hire an office employee. An office employee is not responsible for minors, nor left unsupervised  - most corporations have cameras and surveillance to monitor employees at all times. Your Nanny will not be supervised at all times, neither do you want to start off with thinking about installing surveillance to track her as that is stating very categorically there is NO trust. 

More than qualifications, you want to feel comfortable around your Nanny as must your baby. Your Nanny should be an open book, easy to read and relate to. Your chosen Nanny should be someone you can do lunch with, to be able to openly discuss your child's development needs and someone equipped emotionally, not just intellectually to be a great mentor to your child :) 

When interviewing applicants, ask yourself, do you feel comfortable about instructing her? Or do you feeel she will be instructing you instead? :)

The Nanny chosen by you should be a very personal choice - someone that meets your needs, not necessary the brightest and the most talented, someone who will love your child(ren) and follow your instructions, someone who is healthy, someone who will be your right hand, someone who will go out of the way to meet your needs, someone who can use their own initiative and be proactive :) If you are currently, thinking about hiring a Nanny and would like to know what you can get in the current market, whether you are in the US or the UK, please refer to our site www.momtomomsadvisor for more information and we wish you the very best of luck in finding a great fit for your family:)

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