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Breaking the silence on Infertility with Celebrity Elisabeth Rohm

Posted on May 28, 2013 at 9:05 AM

Elisabeth Rohm, Actress, Author and Activist with her daughter Easton

Growing up, I imagined when it came to the time I decided to have a baby, nature will take its course and a baby will simply just pop out 9 months later. However, it was not meant to be as my first pregnancy ended in a cruel missed miscarraige, shattering my dreams to become a Mom. The guilt that follows a loss and the sense of failure of not being able to do what I felt every other woman could do so well was over whelming. No one else I knew apparently had any problems in conceiving and I remember feeling it was some fault of mine. Although I did go on to conceive twins, it was a roller coaster ride ridden with complications - bleeding and  TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome) lasting 32 weeks. I reached out to the online community for support while trying to conceive after my miscarriage and discovered a whole new world of women who have had much bigger challenges in their journey into becoming a Mom including going through fertility treatments and countless cycles of IVF and multiple miscarriages. We were all bonded by what celebrity actress Elisabeth Rohm says in her book 'Baby Steps' - a dirty little secret' - infertilty.

Here is a video summarizing my own journey into becoming a Mom which led to me wanting to help other Moms:)

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I was thrilled to be invited to an event hosted by The Moms to discuss Elisabeth Rohm's new book Baby Steps. Baby Steps is a story about mothers and children, love and sex, career and body, and ofcourse conception. I read the book within two days as I felt I got to know through Elisabeth's eyes, her experience of having her parents separated when she was a little girl, her relationship with her unconventional mother, her struggles with her own body which she says is not the Hollywood norm, but she learns to love and accept, her experience of searching for and finding true love, her decision to have a baby and realizing she will have to 'go to extreme lengths - financial and emotional and physical and intellectial, to have a baby, using every bit of modern technology. But, she shares, 'sometimes it works and sometimes it does not':( 

There was so much I could relate to in Baby Steps as most women would do from spending our 20s focused on our careers as we assume we will just have a baby when we have stable careers, having travelled the world and not for one second thinking our eggs might be good enough or we could have early menopause or that it might cost thousansds of dollars to make a baby. Baby Steps breaks the silence on infertility and I applaud her for doing so:) 

Mom to Moms Advisor with other Moms who have also have had a journey into becoming a Mom:)

Here is Elisabeth Rohm discussing Baby Steps with The Moms!

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I was not paid to write this review and all opinions are my own:) 

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