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What you need to know about Background checks!

Posted on April 8, 2013 at 11:00 AM

It is a gross misrepresentation of facts to claim an individual can be checked out ONLINE!

Hiring a trusted caregiver for your child in the United States can be one of the most daunting parenting tasks. In a market driven by referrals, it is very common for parents to hire someone recommended by a friend, a neighbor, a co-worker or a doorman. Parents are also tempted by the low cost online Nanny agencies which offers access to 1000s of applicants for a small fee. Some online agencies claim to have conducted background checks on applicants. The fact is, it is NOT possible to run a fully comprehensive and accurate background check online to verify identity nor to check an applicants's criminal history across the United States ONLINE.

For the safety and well being and to have consistency in your household, hire an applicant authorized to work in the US. The main reason for this is because of your child's safety - ask yourself if an illegal Nanny would respond the same way in an emergency as a legal Nanny?

The only way to verify identity and to ensure a criminal records check is done covering all 51 States in the US is via a finger print search conducted by the FBI. This is because, if you were to search by just a name, you will not be able to uncover aliases in a country where identity fraud is very common. Everything is for sale in the US, including identity, hence the reason one must ensure, a finger print search is conducted across all States as caregivers can have worked and resided in more than one State.

At a local level, if an applicant is residing in the State of New York, a local criminal background check can be executed at 1 Police Plaza

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An applicant for a Certificate of Conduct (formerly known as a Good Conduct Certificate) must apply in person between the hours of 9 A.M and 3:00 P.M., Monday through Friday (the office is closed on legal holidays), at the Public Inquiry & Request Section, located at Police Headquarters, One Police Plaza, Room 152-A, New York, NY 10038. The applicant will be fingerprinted and is required to submit a fifty-dollar ($50.00) money order or certified check payable to the New York City Police Department, or credit card. The applicant must also provide identification, see additional requirements. Processing takes approximately ten working days.


Additional Requirements


A United States citizen is required to submit the following as proof of citizenship:


Valid U.S. Passport OR

Original Birth Certificate (U.S. born) AND A valid Driver's License or DMV issued Identification Card OR

Voter's Registration Card AND A valid Driver's License or DMV issued Identification Card OR

Naturalization Certificate

A Non U.S. Citizen is required to submit the following when submitting an application:

Valid Passport or Alien Registration Card or Employment Authorization OR

Letter from the Department of Homeland Security (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services) indicating applicant's name, address and current status in this country AND valid U.S. government photo identification OR

Letter from the applicant's Consulate which contains applicant's physical description and date of birth AND valid U.S. government photo identification.

Public Inquiry and Request Section

The Mission of the Public Inquiry & Request Section is to process applicants for Certificates of Conduct, which are criminal history searches within the environs of New York City, indicating whether or not the applicant has a criminal history. Certificates of Conduct are only issued under specific guidelines (see additional requirements). The Section also takes Non-Criminal Fingerprints ($25.00 fee) which may be required to obtain certain permits or licenses.


One Police Plaza - Room 152-A

New York, N.Y. 10038-1497

(646) 610-5541


Monday through Friday; 9 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Mom to Moms Advisor accompanies all applicants considered by our Clients for employment to Police Headquarters in New York City, prior to them working unsupervised in a private home. We have found over five years, an applicants irrespective of their references or appearance, for reasons unknown, are not willing to submit themselves to be finger printed by law enforcement :D Parents, please ensure no stone is untrurned to ensure a full and thorough background investigation is conducted on any applicant prior to them being hired:) 

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