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Post Mother's Day thoughts from Moms

Posted on May 15, 2012 at 9:20 AM

What did Mothers Day mean to you? Did you get what you expected? When I was growing up, Mothers Day did not exist. I was brought up to show respect and appreciation to my Mother every minute, every day, although it does not mean I did:) Ofcourse on her Birthday, my Father ensured a card full of phrases to make her feel special was given and as we got older, we saved our own gifts of cash or income from our weekend jobs to buy her something we can afford. Since I have become a Mother, myself, now there is 'Mothers Day'. 

 I got to know Mothers day was approaching this year as my two 6 year old sons started class projects on working on making publications or cards for Mothers Day. Then I wondered what exciting activities we are going do together to celebrate Mothers Day. I automatically knew my partner and husband of 17 years is already stressing about how to get up at 6 am on Sunday to take the boys for Ice Hockey and then to have a plan to entertain me as well as take care of the boys:) 

What did I get for Mother's Day? I went back to bed after having breakfast and got up leisurely to have a long shower while my husband took care of our children, cleaned the kitchen and tidied up. We then decided to go to a low key Restaurant which does not charge different rates because it was 'Mother's Day'. The Restaurant was not packed and the children thoroughly enjoyed taking their time to sample the variety of dishes and I guess my husband was breathing a sigh of relief at this point noting he has saved $$$ by not being expected to go to a Steak House on Mother's Day with two high energy twin boys who are still learning to eat in a formal setting without wrecking the decor in the process:) 

After lunch, my husband and the boys went out on their bikes and rode all the way from the Upper West Side of Manhattan to South Ferry and back while I 'rested';) By 5 pm, I felt so rejuvenated and felt like the luckiest Mom alive to have been given gifts of 'sleep', and 'rest' for a whole day:)

I asked other Moms what theor 'post Mothers Day' thought were and here is what they had to say :

"It doesn't mean anything to me other than hallmark and flower shop businesses make a boat load of money. I feel the same way about valentines day!!!!! My husband, children and I don't need a fake "holiday" to appreciate each other. We try to do that each and every day. That's what makes a strong marriage and family." - Stay at home Mom to 3 - New York City

"I am very blessed, I remind myself regularly. This Mother's Day I had the joy of spending the day with my mother, Joy, and my three beautiful children. I also had the pleasure of lunching with my ex-husband. Yes, I said pleasure and ex-husband in the same sentence. I have what most will call the best divorce ever. My ex and I get along brilliantly because we recognize that is what is important for our children. I am very blessed. If Mother's Day happens to fall on a weekend the kids are with their Dad, which seems to be every year, we always have lunch together and turn it into a transfer of the children as well since I love to put my little ones to bed on this very special day. This year was no different. We met at "our" Chinese restaurant on the Upper West Side of Manhattan for Dim Sum. The boys picked out two beautiful bracelets for me from a funky shop in Brooklyn (see image).

The only help from their father was at the register (he swears!) As our peaceful and yummy lunch ended and the boys and I went off smiling one way and their father grinning another, I realized yet again, how truly blessed I am.

I hope no matter what your family looks like that you enjoyed as blessed a day as I did. Stay well." - Julie Stampler, Mom to 3 and Founder of Totem Tamers

"This Mother's day I shared things my mother taught me. I find it extraordinary that my mom who was always a stay-at-home mom, taking a weekly "salary" from my father, silently taught my sister and I to be financially independent, never relying on a man and hard working successful women in business today."

Marisa Santoro, In Our Shoes and supporting working women who Juggle it ALL. Seminar leader, Writer, IT executive at a Wall Street brokerage and a single working mother.

What is important is teaching our children to respect their elders at all times and to teach them good manners so that they learn to show their appreciation to the person as opposed to expect  them to lavish us with extravagance on just ONE day:)

All comments are welcome and please feel free to express your opinion and your experience of Mothers Day! 

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