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Hear from the SUPER Dad running the Biggest Network of parents of Multiples in the World!

Posted on February 22, 2012 at 8:45 AM


Mom to Moms is always on the lookout for products and services which will empower parents and we are thrilled to have interviewed Keith Reed, CEO of Twins and Multiple Births Association. The Twins and Multiple Births Association (Tamba) is a charity set up by parents of twins, triplets and higher multiples and interested professionals. Keith is a father to two young children runs the biggest network of parents with multiple births in the world with a membership of 10,000 families from the UK. About 11,000 women a year in England and Wales give birth to twins, triplets or, more rarely, four babies or more simultaneously. Multiple births account for 3% of the 700,000 live births a year in the UK. 

M2M :What led you to join TAMBA?

Keith : My peer group all started getting pregnant around the same time (when we were in our 30s) and a number had twins. They were members of Tamba and knew that I had a campaigning background and suggested I might like to help the charity. Being instinctively nosey, I looked into everything about multiples and was shocked to see the higher risks in pregnancy and birth, the difficulties families faced during the early years and general lack of support. I wanted to make a difference and applied for the job.

M2M: Apart from being the CEO to TAMBA and raising a young family, you are also a honorary researcher at Birmingham University and reviewer for the Cochrane Pregnancy and Childbirth group and have contributed to publications on Multiple Pregnacy, Neonatal Care, Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome and research into the educational and financial issues associated with multiple births. How do you do it all?

Keith: In my spare time, I’m a school governor and committee member of a local residents’ association. I don’t have much time for watching television but that’s a good thing.

M2M :You have worked tirelessly, having made so many changes to the well being of your members for almost 5 years. When you look back, what do you feel is the biggest change you have made for families of multiples in the UK?

Keith : I’m not being falsely modest but there are a team of 12 part time members of staff, 100s of volunteers and 1000s of supporters giving their time effort and money for the cause. Together, we’ve helped prepare over 20,000 expectant parents with free guides and classes on what to expect both in terms of the challenges and the positives. Our latest research shows that there are 1000s of happier more contented families out there as a result of our efforts.

M2M : What does TAMBA offer those expecting multiples in the UK? Are there classes locally across the Kingdom?

Keith :Yes, we keep building the network year on year. We are testing feeding classes in the coming months too.

M2M : What are the benefits of joining TAMBA?

Keith :Fundamentally you can help us to campaign, undertake research and support other families. Our families also can access a huge range of free guides, videos and discounts to a range of store and then there is our every popular, evidence based, quarterly magazine Multiple Matters.

M2M :Most pregnancies are successful and parents can look forward to having their family completed with two or more to complete their family. However, it is inevitable some of these pregnancies end in a loss. How can TAMBA help those who have experienced a loss or bereavement?

Keith : We have a dedicated and trained bereavement support group, with free guides, telephone based bereavement befrienders and active facebook page.

M2M :You do not have twins yourself, but two children of separate ages. Do you get asked how YOU know what it is like to have twins or triplets and what would you say?!

Keith : It’s not been a big deal. Even within families of multiples, the differences between the experiences can be enormous. It means I have to base all my decisions and views on the research and keep checking in with our supporters to ensure we are doing the right thing.

M2M : How did your life change after becoming a Dad for the first time? Was it different second time around?

I had to grow up when my first child was born and it meant being less selfish. It was a continuum with the second and tiredness became the norm.

M2M : If you can offer a new parent one piece of advice, what would it be?

Prepare yourself for the journey ahead rather then trying to pick everything up as you go along.

M2M : Mom to Moms Advisor was founded by a member of TAMBA, after her move to Manhattan with infant twins and a British Nanny. Tell us what you think about us!

Keith : Always supportive and always helpful.

You can REGISTER FREE with TAMBA from anywhere in the world and get immediate support and invaluable information regarding what you need to know when you are expecting twins or more!!! Join now!

Why Register?

Download their  FREE Healthy Multiple Pregnancy, Neonatal Care & Twin-To-Twin Guides Download our full range of guides and factsheets for FREE. These include: Healthy Multiple Pregnancy, Neonatal Care, Twin-To-Twin, Breastfeeding, Expecting more than one, plus dozens more, or watch our specialist dvds online -information you can trust 24:7 (worth over £100 where sold)

Order 1 hard copy of the above guides for FREE (UK Only) Order 1 hard copy of the first three guides listed above for FREE

Access to view message board for 1 month Full access to view & post on Tamba message board

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Great savings with over 100 companies including Clarks, Mothercare & JoJoMamanBebe (money off all year round on the things you need)

Receive quarterly Multiple Matters magazine (worth £12 where sold)

Exclusive access to Tamba's unique online buggy guide and Schools Admissions & Appeals Pack

Priority invitations to Family Days, Conferences & Courses

Free access to support groups and consultants who specialise in multiple births.

Your donation goes towards our campaigns, research & support services which save and improve lives.

All this for just £2.25 per month


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