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Top 5 Turn Offs of those applying to work as a Nanny!

Posted on February 13, 2012 at 2:15 PM

Screening and interviewing potential candidates to work for you as a Nanny can be a daunting task. Mom to Moms has met in person 1000s of applicants who apply to work as a Nanny. We schedule to meet in advance 15-20 candidates per day. Out of this pool, we might actually only meet a fraction at the scheduled time and only a handful if any might be successful at following through a full interview with us. Following are our top 5 reasons why applicants fail to proceed with us, sometimes, even before we have met them!;)

1)LATE! We give sufficient notice to applicants before agreeing on a mutually convenient date and a time to meet. When an applicant arrives late, it gives the impression the applicant is not organized or will not be punctual.

2)LOST! We often get calls from applicants close to the time of the appointment to meet them stating they are lost and are not sure how to find our location:roll: We give a valid address with our zip code and smart applicants will use google maps to find directions prior to leaving their home and arrive a few minutes earliar than expected. By getting lost, provided the correct address has been given says the applicant is casual in her approach to business.

3)NO ID!! We state very clearly to each applicant in writing we need to verify their identity and ensure they are authorised to work in the country in which they wish to work. However, candidates still come along and say, simply they have forgotten their ID or produce photo copies. Considering it is the LAW to carry ID around with you at all times in the US, we are often baffled how applicants can FORGET their ID:roll:

4)NAILS LONGER THAN THEIR HAIR : We see nails such as the ones in the image below and wonder how these applicants can wipe themselves, never mind changing a diaper or assist with food preparation safely:D

5) PREVIOUS EMPLOYERS HAVE ALL EITHER MOVED, DECEASED OR NOT CONTACTABLE : We have heard excuses from employers have moved or they are no longer living or have lost contact details. Any serious job seeker will be armed with multiple names to use to get not only to verify previous childcare experience, but also have a bunch of people to call for character references and will in fact assist  us in locating their previous employers to verify they have in fact held any job at all and have been nothing but hard working, consciencious caregivers!:D

Mom to Moms head hunts the best fit for Families and our Applicants. For more information, please e-mail [email protected] and we look forward to assisting you:)

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