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Our Team!


Chinthani Perera-Lunemann (Chini) moved to the Upper East Side, Manhattan,  New York in 2007 from London with 15 month old twins and felt motivated to start a business to provide services to parents focusing  on areas of parenting which she feels very passionate about. Chini first started helping her friends, mostly parents of multiples in Manhattan find Nannies. Her Clients were disillusioned with the only Childcare options they thought were available. Chini works on a individual basis and with close contact with the parents throughout the process. 

Chini, the Owner and Founder of Mom to Moms Advisor Llc has met in person over 1000s of candidates applying for Nanny and other Childcare positions from around the world. Chini has a lifetime of experience of managing household staff as she herself had several Nannies from birth and comes from three generations within the same family whom have hired Nannies, Butlers, Chauffers, Domestics, Gardeners, etc.

Chini's father was one of five boys in a fully staffed household, with a Nanny whom was responsible for the childcare of five boys as her Grand Mother was a working Mom. That Nanny stayed for a lifetime. Chini's Mom is also a working Mom who always had paid help for childcare and one Nanny whom was hired to care for Chini's sister more than 30 years ago continues to work with Chini's family. Chini and her sister has continued to hire help to run their families as have two generations before hand. It is with this cumulative personal and professional experience along with her passion for making others happy which makes Chini exceptional in the field of Childcare.

In 2013, Chini relocated back to London and have partnered with London's most Exclusive Maternity and Baby Concierge offering everything families need from pregnancy and beyond both in the UK and the US.

Chini has another business created to promote home cooking for babies and toddlers


Lisa Shulman has a Bachelors in Psychology from Boston University and is a Certified Nutrition Consultant and she is working on her Masters in Public Health while raising two sons. Lisa is also a Co-Vice President of one of the best elementary schools in New York City - PS199. Lisa feels very strongly about ensuring the safety of children and she is also passionate about healthy eating for the whole family. Lisa lives in the Upper West Side of Manhattan


Alisa earned her Master of Social Work degree from Fordham University. She combines her phychotherapy practice with seven years experience as a doula to create a unique expertise with individuals and couples preparing and/or deaing with pre and post pregnancy issues. Her distinctive practice includes home based therapy sessions when office visists are not feasible. In addition, Alisa works in the creative arena, providing therapy for muscians through The Jazz Foundation of America. Alisa maintains a private practice in Manhattan's Upper West Side.

Janet Schwartz , Paediatric Maternity Nurse, RN, BA Psychology and MPA

Janet is a  a  New York University Graduate (M.P.A. in Public Health Care Policy, Planning and Administration,  Graduate of Marymount Manhattan College (B.A. Psychology) and received her RN from Bellevue Hospital School of Nursing.

Janet was the Head Nurse and  Clinical Coordinator, Child & Youth Health Care Project at Bellevue Hospital for 18 years amongst her lifelong career working with children.

Janet has one daughter who just Graduated from College and she lives with her husband in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

Janet is very compassionate and emphathethic to new parents as like a lot of couples, she herself have gone through fertility and miscarriages in her journey into becoming a Mom. Energetic, flexible and very professional - Janet is available to care for your newborns!!


Magdala is a Licensed Registered Nurse with a B.S in Nursing from SUNY Downstate Medical Center with 19 years experience working in the nursing field. For the past 10 years she has been working in Labor & Delivery and in OB/GYN Outpatient Care at the number 1 ranking hospital in NYC. 

Alicia DellAnna

London, UK based Alicia is the Founder and Director of Delivered by Dell'Anna, a London based Luxury Maternity Concierge. With over 10 years of experience  working for High Net worth, High Profile families, Alicia developed a passion for helping parents welcome new additions. "I saw the struggles families were facing, especially those without support systems in place, so I created my own 'not so little' black book." Alicia gathered all of her contacts to create a database of the best baby services London has to offer. This list ranges from doctors to interior designers, and anything and everything in-between. 

What makes Alicia's services unique is her desire to accommodate and embrace each families specific needs, and the respectful and caring way in which she does so. 

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